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Zespołu Szkół w Błędowie :: Zobacz temat - Tashaun Gipson walked off the
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Tashaun Gipson walked off the

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BOSTON - The Blue Jays arrived at Fenway Park on Friday knowing the division-rival Red Sox needed either a win, or a loss by Tampa Bay, to clinch the American League East. Veteran Mark DeRosa sat down with on Friday afternoon to discuss when the Jays season went awry and the changes in the clubhouse culture he envisions for next season. Below is the transcript of the discussion. -- Weve talked a lot about the hows and the whys of the season and where it went wrong. Lets talk about when. You look back at the final game of that June series here, Jose hit the ball off Uehara to tie the game and then there was the way the ninth inning ended and you guys lost and that turned a potential 3-4 road trip off the win streak into a 2-5 trip and it seemed to zap momentum. Is it possible that a game like that is kind of a trigger for where things went negative or is that an over-simplification? DeROSA: Nah, I mean there are moments you can look to throughout the course of the year. I always go back to the first two weeks of the season. We got off so slow, just put ourselves in such a pessimistic-type attitude where we were expecting things to go wrong. Its just been the tale of many weeks for this team. Its had its moments of playing really great baseball and taking it to some of the best teams and best pitchers in the game and then weve had moments where weve rolled out there and done a lot of things fundamentally wrong and made mental errors that have cost us. I dont want to look back to that game because I think youre referring to the game with Josh Thole at first and theres a situation where I was jammed up with my neck. I think Adam Lind was out of the game with a tight back and Josh Tholes put in a position hes not accustomed to being in. A lot of things contributed to that one day but I just feel like its been a six-month grind where weve seen flashes of doing things really well but not consistently enough to stay in the race. So based on that answer is it an excuse to say its early? You refer back to early April when the tone was set. You can always recover from a bad two or three week start but looking ahead to next year it sounds like something that you would like to see tidied up? DeROSA: I think not only Gibby, Alex (Anthopoulos), everyone involved would like to see a lot of things tidied up. Myself included. Theres enough blame to go around, no doubt about that. I just think we came out of spring training with such a swagger and such expectations that our balloon got popped real early and we didnt have a stopper at the time to kind of put a tourniquet on the bleeding. (Mark) Buehrle was struggling at the time, (R.A.) Dickey was struggling at the time, we didnt have Ricky (Romero). I mean, there was a lot of things that kind of went into it. The one nice thing, even though its negatively impacted my season because I was brought in at 38 to kind of be a sounding board and hopefully be a nice piece to a championship team, but if there is a silver lining there have been a lot of young guys come up and do some things that have really helped us. Also, theres been some great personal seasons. What Eddie (Edwin Encarnacion) did was magnificent and he did it for five months. Adam (Lind) got hot and was able to protect him but there were times where he had no protection. (He) had a great year. Colby (Rasmus) has had a great year so there have been some bright spots. Obviously the bullpen was fantastic but collectively I feel like if we want to get to where I feel this team wants to get to then there needs to be a different outlook in spring training. That sounds cultural, a culture change. DeROSA: I think so. Thats just my personal belief. I just feel like, and rightfully so, a lot of us, because of the big trades and the big names and bringing a lot of different guys together, I felt like it might have been detrimental if all of a sudden camp was just so regimented when everybody from different organizations is coming in with different ways of getting ready and preparing for the season. I felt Gibby did the right thing by giving us the leeway to prepare ourselves. I dont think weve earned the right to do that again next year so maybe theyre a little more involved in spring training. You know what? (As a player,) shut up and do your job. Thats kind of where Im at. Ive never been in this situation, trying to play spoiler or play out the string and I know from my point of view, I love being here, I love being in the big leagues, its a great organization but this aint what its about, trying to stop Boston from celebrating on us. So hopefully these guys, Im sure with their magic number being one, well get a chance to see it and maybe itll digest and maybe it will trigger something. At spring training next year, does that mean longer hours on the field or is that mean somebody stepping up and saying, hey, theres a way weve got to go about doing this to get ready for March 31, 2014? DeROSA: You cant leave anything to chance. I feel like you earn leeway based on performance and we havent earned that this year. If anything, weve lost that in my eyes. Thats how I was raised. If you do good, you get rewarded. If you do bad, you get punished. That being said, I dont see us getting punished in spring but I think an attention to detail will probably be a big priority. The Blue Jays and the Toronto Argonauts finalized a deal to extend the Argos lease at Rogers Centre through 2017. Theyve got some opt-outs before that. Ultimately the aim here is for the Argonauts to find a new home and for natural grass to be put in the stadium. There are only two stadiums in the game, Torontos and Tampa Bays, that have artificial turf. Have you ever spoken to players quietly, or friends youve made around the league, whove kept Toronto at a distance in terms of free agent consideration because of the turf? DeROSA: No. But, definitely, its dated now. I think it does more damage. I dont know the scientific studies but I know for me, personally, its done more damage to my body physically than playing on grass. I think, you know, the games evolving to the point where there are some guys who can really murder the ball down your throat on that stuff. I just feel like the game was meant to be played on grass. I understand why it was turfed and I get that but I would like to eventually see, if they can maintain it in there, for it to go to grass. Being around this team, have you noticed guys have more bumps and bruises than may be typical? Because, Mark, perfect example: the turf has changed since the 80s but the Blue Jays great outfield of Bell, Moseby and Barfield were all out of the game by 33. DeROSA: What I notice, for me, is my lower back and knees. You go on the road for a 10-day stretch and you go back there and you give it two or three days of really pounding on it and you feel it. I mean, some guys might love it, I dont know. I certainly enjoy hitting there. I dont know if the numbers justify that. I dont think they do but I enjoy hitting there. I think its a great ballpark to hit in. The fans have been great, to be honest with you. They really have been great for as much as I feel weve disappointed a lot of people. I think thats the biggest thing for me, and thats what Id like, I want the guys on the team and this is just me speaking freely because I dont know the inner makings of how everyones heads working at a certain time but I would just like everyone to really want to be great, to want to win the AL East and do what it takes to get it done. The talents here, weve got no one to blame but ourselves. Gibbys done a tremendous job not, I dont want to say not losing the team, but not losing himself because of expectations. I know hes taken the brunt of the fury from the fans and the media and I feel like thats been unfair but that being said, I expect there to be a different mindset next year. Youre talking about being great as a team, not being individually great? DeROSA: Not be satisfied to be in the big leagues. Try to go next level. There are a lot of people who care about what we do off the field. Ive always tried to remember that. Even the days you dont feel like getting out there and grinding it out and doing all the things you need to do to get ready, you owe it to the people that come to the games and the city that supports you. You owe it to them to give it your best. I feel like we have done that but at the same time weve made a lot of juvenile mistakes that have cost us games. Nick Boyle Jersey . The 25-year-old Lu, a regular on the Japan LPGA Tour after giving up her LPGA Tour membership in 2010, shot an 8-under 64 in windy, wet conditions at Kintetsu Kashikojima. Matt Judon Jersey . The Los Angeles Clippers showed them just how ugly that life could be. Jared Dudley scored a season-high 21 points, Chris Paul added 16 points and 17 assists, and the Clippers jumped all over the Bulls in Roses absence for a 121-82 victory Sunday. This time, Tebow was in a groove the entire second half -- not just in the waning minutes -- and his teammates on defence were getting gobbled up. Terrance West Jersey . That little deal worked out in a big way for the Mavericks. Nowitzki had 21 points Tuesday night to pass Oscar Robertson for 10th on the NBAs career scoring list, leading the Mavs to a 95-83 victory over the Utah Jazz. Michael Pierce Jersey . Atletico Madrid made it three wins from three thanks to a double from in-form striker Diego Costa in a 3-0 victory at Austria Vienna, leaving the Spanish side on the brink of the last 16 already to continue its brilliant start to the season.BEREA, Ohio -- As his teammates sweated through another training camp practice, Josh Gordon was in a New York office building where his career -- and Clevelands season -- were in jeopardy. Gordon met Friday with NFL officials to appeal a possible indefinite suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. Gordons attorney, Maurice Suh, and other members of his legal team were expected to argue that Gordon tested positive for marijuana because of secondhand smoke, a defence they planned to augment with witnesses. No decision on Gordon is expected for several days, and the Browns are keeping their fingers crossed the outcome will be favourable. According to ESPN Cleveland, it is believed a verdict may be reached on Monday, once commissioner Roger Goodell returns from Canton, Ohio. "Im an optimistic guy," said wide receiver Nate Burleson. "Im a glass half-full guy, so Im always hoping and expecting the best-case scenario." Until they hear from the league, the Browns are going about the business of getting ready for the upcoming season. Theyd love to have Gordon for as many games as possible. After all, hes the clubs top playmaker, one of the leagues elite receivers and an offensive threat who keeps defensive co-ordinators awake at night. To be without him for any time will drastically change Clevelands offence. Gordon has not been at training camp the past two days, and Browns coach Mike Pettine said he didnt know if the Pro Bowler will be on the field for Saturdays scrimmage in Akron. Gordons situation is one of many cases on the leagues legal itinerary. Commissioner Roger Goodell, speaking at the Hall of Fame in Canton, addressed the leagues recent decision to suspend Baltimore running back Ray Rice two games for domestic violence, a ruling met with public outrage. Goodell defended the leagues actions and said each case must be judged on its own merits. "You have to deal with the facts," he said. "We have a drug program that is collectively bargained and it has a step process. It takes four incidents before you actually reach a suspension in a drug-related case. You have to respond to facts here. You have a lot of people voicing their opinions, but what you have to understand is that this is a young man (Rice) who made a terrible mistake -- its inconsistent with what were all about. "We have deallt with it in a serious manner, and were very confident that this young man understands where he is and what he needs to do going forward.dddddddddddd" Goodell did not offer much information on Gordons case, saying a decision will be based on the information at the hearing. "Josh is going through a process right now, and Im not part of that process," Goodell said. "At some point in time I may have an opportunity to be involved, and when I am, I look forward to meeting him." Gordons list of off-the-field issues is lengthy, which may hinder his argument. He failed at least three known drug tests in college and he was suspended two games last season for a drug violation. Separate from his appeal, Gordon could still face league discipline under the leagues personal-conduct policy for his arrest last month on a DUI charge in Raleigh, North Carolina. Gordon reportedly checked himself into a rehab clinic in California following the arrest. Pettine has said the Browns will have to go with a receiver-by-committee approach if Gordon cant play. Slot receiver Andrew Hawkins is confident he and his teammates can pick up the slack. "We have a bunch of hard-working guys with chips on their shoulders who are going to come out here and bust their butts every day," he said. "And Ill take that 10 times out of 10." NOTES: Starting free safety Tashaun Gipson walked off the practice field with an apparent left knee injury. Pettine said Gipson, who started 15 games last season, was being evaluated. ... Pettine ended practice by having members of his staff catch punts. Pitting the offensive assistants against the defensive assistants, the competition energized the players, who engaged in some spirited trash talk and finger pointing before offensive intern Mike LaFleur caught the final punt, meaning the offence will wear orange jerseys Monday. "I would of lost a lot of money if you would have said wed put eight coaches out there catching knuckle-ball punts and seven of them would catch it," Pettine said. "Those guys stepped up. It was impressive." ... Several offensive players celebrated touchdowns, none more demonstratively that Anthony Armstrong, who threw the ball into the second level of the VIP hospitality tent. "It was strictly spur of the moment," he said. "Your emotions take over." Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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